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Venture Capital The Way It’s Meant To Work

Harbor Capital Group Inc was formed to help Entrepreneurs and Investors bring these opportunities to the marketplace. But, we knew that the traditional venture capital model did not work for many of today’s disruptive technology companies and had to change. That’s why Harbor Capital Group Inc. created a venture capital model that is better suited and more rewarding for Entrepreneurs and Investors.

For example: Entrepreneurs get funding according to their development needs rather than the financial needs of the venture capital firm; Entrepreneurs get the freedom they need to develop the company based on their vision rather than the venture capital firm’s vision; and help is provided when asked for rather than directed from the ”home office.”

Harbor Capital Group’s new venture capital model is more rewarding for Investors as well because when you do it right, you attract the better, more visionary, more passionate Entrepreneurs determined to make a difference. This helps reduce risk and increases the potential for higher returns. The Harbor Capital Group’s model also offers Investors greater investment selectivity, increased liquidity, and lower costs.

A Generational Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Harbor Capital Group, a new, unique venture capital firm, understands this opportunity and is dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs build successful businesses around their vision and rewarding the Investors who support them. We are currently focused on helping startup and early-stage companies in the rapidly growing, transformative technologies of 3D Printing, Big Data and Robotics.  

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