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Monthly Archives: October 2013

3D Printed Letterpress Machine

stampomatica 3D printed letterpress machines stampomatica by tecnificio and lino’s type designboom (above) business card printing press image © alessandra carosi 2013       at the intersection of antique and innovation is the duo of stampomatica analog printing machines: devices which rediscover the charm of traditional printing techniques, while using cutting-edge 3D printing technology for their manufacture. during the maker faire rome 2013 , tecnificio and lino’s type have presented the two letterpress models: one which can print designs on business cards, and the second which creates graphics for postcards, invitations, or announcements. individual customization allows users to choose [...]
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Technology is Changing Additive Manufacturing

a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer ©Reuters Head start: a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer From customised hip replacements to new materials, technology is opening up a range of possibilities for manufacturers. But while the advances are spawning a new breed of products, they could also spark a transformation in the business models and structure of the manufacturing sector itself. First, technology is revolutionising the way materials and surfaces can be manipulated. Nano-engineering can create synthetic materials with new capabilities, such as better thermal conductivity. Polymers with high thermal conductivity could replace metals or ceramics, for example, while nanofluids that can [...]
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New Software Programs For 3D Printing Make It Easy To Use

blokify-twitter-icon 3D printing, or personal fabrication from a broader prism, are used to produce a wide variety of objects, some useful and some not so. But 3D printing often have much impact because of its enormous capacity to stimulate the collective imagination and sense the enormous potential to create things differently. But sometimes even surprising place, the context in which your application can be particularly innovative and useful. In fact, one of the areas where 3D printing is having the greatest impact is in the field of science, where the ability to customize and instantly create a tool or [...]
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