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New Software Programs For 3D Printing Make It Easy To Use

See what you think of the new software programs for 3D printing that make it much easier to use. Several from startups. I would appreciate feedback from people who have used some of the new software programs referenced.

As identified in a Silicon Angle article entitled Fabricate Yourself: The New World of 3D Printing Technical Revolution

3D printing, or personal fabrication from a broader prism, are used to produce a wide variety of objects, some useful and some not so. But 3D printing often have much impact because of its enormous capacity to stimulate the collective imagination and sense the enormous potential to create things differently.

In fact, one of the areas where 3D printing is having the greatest impact is in the field of science, where the ability to customize and instantly create a tool or a new medical device for example, has shown that this is something really disruptive. From small laboratories around the world, researchers are using 3D printing technology to advance their knowledge and do their jobs more easily.

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