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funding model

How we get investors
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for today's innovative startup companies

disruptive technology investments

venture capital the way
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We’ve changed the way the Venture Capital model
works for investors

We, like you, want the highest returns possible.

The best way to do that is to:

  • Help each company be successful by provide the proper funding and allow the     entrepreneur the freedom to passionately pursue his or her vision
  • Reduce the number of companies that fail by focusing first on the technology and its potential, then on the team
  • Increase the percent of profit – the highest percent return for the lowest dollar investment.  As you know, dollars are not scalable, 15% of a thousand dollars is the same percent profit as 15% percent of a million dollars.

Because we specialize in disruptive technology companies, we can concentrate on the special needs and unique idiosyncrasies of these dynamic types of companies. This specialization is even more in-depth, as we are focused on three rapidly developing industries: 3D PrintingBig Data and Robotics.

We search out and identify potential companies we might have an interest in funding. Then, we do the initial research including the technology and its adoption rates, market potential and scalability, the team involved, and preliminary due diligence including company structure, accounting and legal.  If the company gets past this stage, we expand this research and diligence until we are at a decision point on whether to fund or not.  Then, we negotiate the monies needed, the milestones, the exit and the terms.

A Limited Partnership Is Set Up For Each Investment

Once we make a commitment to fund a specific company, we set up a Limited Partnership for that company; and as the General Partner, we invest in each company along with the other investors.

However, rather than the standard Venture Capital model of one very large Limited Partnership with a 10 year life and a large money commitment from each investor, we set up a Limited Partnership for each company we invest in. Our focus is on making each Limited Partnership successful.

We have changed the terms as well. Rather than the standard two percent management fee for the life of the Limited Partnership, our fee is for three years only; and rather than twenty percent of net profits, we’re down to fifteen percent.

Why you want to join our investor community now

To be notified and receive all the information about an investment opportunity, you must be registered with us and have received a password. If you are an accredited investor and would like to keep abreast of the opportunities in these fast growing industries,  ask to become a member of the Harbor Capital Group Investor Community.

If you might be interested in investing in one or more of the companies in our portfolio, click on the company and we will send you an additional password to access the entire body of information available on that investment. This includes but is not limited to research, diligence, company presentations, webinars, question and answer sessions, technology, marketing, etc.

After doing your research, if you would like to invest through the Limited Partnership, the entire investment process is handled online. Once the investment is made, we continue to follow up each investment and report changes and progress to all investors on their  “Portfolio” page.

We believe we will attract some of the best ideas, best teams and the best investment opportunities.  This is because our new Venture Capital model facilitates:

  • The ability to select only the investments you want
  • More liquidity than traditional VC investments because each investment has a different time frame
  • A focus on helping each and every company become successful.

Join Harbor Capital Group’s Investor Community Group to get the information and opportunities that could make your investments more profitable.