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 We, like you, want the highest returns possible. 

We understand that every investor wants to lower the number of startup failures and increase the number of startups that do exceptionally well. That's why we have put together our process to get better information, validated assumptions and reduced uncertainty.We are committed to helping entrepreneurs become more successful.

Our "Connect" process fills the gap between innovation and market dominance. It is called "Connect" because it requires lots of person-to-person interface with the market to get the real facts.

The "Connect" Process

After identifying startups or early-stage companies with the right characteristics, we work with them through the entire process to research, create and develop the business. We do it as cofounders or as coaches depending on the entrepreneur's needs. It starts with the founder's mindset (beliefs, ideologies, heuristics, etc.) to make them aware that they need to have an open mind about new information.

Then we put together a comprehensive, evidence-based business model that includes the basic elements of the business, then examine outside forces and trends that affect the business. Then critical assumptions are tested, changed as required and validated. Then, the sales material are put together and its back to the market to test, change and verify that there is product-market-investor fit.

Once we have a product-market-investor fit and a pathway to repeatable, sustainable sales, the startup is ready to begin to scale revenues and operations. This usually required a new marketing and advertising team.

Outside Funding

When outside funding is required, and the startup or early-growth company is investment ready, we can notify accredited investors, at various stages of development, of the opportunity. Accredited investors can decide if they want to invest early at lower valuations or wait until the company is further along and invest at higher valuations.

We do not specialize in any industry. Experts in specific industries and markets, technologies, and skills are available. We specialize in filling the process gap from idea to market dominance.

We do have selection criteria that include market size, team selection, demonstrable product superiority, product and market timing, potential market dominance, durability and defensibility of the product over time, plus others.

If you would like to be notified of startups we are working on and are an accredited investor, let us know what your interests are such as stage of investment, any specific products or industries, geographic areas, etc. Let us know, and we will make sure the fit is right before notifying you. We only do a few a year.

If you are an accredited investor, go to the contact page

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