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The Hyperloop Is One Step Closer

The Hyperloop Is One Step Closer to a Full Scale Test Later This Year

Hyperloop is a "vacuum tube transportation network" that will be able to travel at around 760 mph (1200 kilometers per hour) — on land and underwater. Last Wednesday, the Hyperloop One team held what was essentially its first test run, conducting a “propulsion open-air test.” This was the first of a series of unique innovations from the Hyperloop One team, including advancements in propulsion, tube design and fabrication, levitation systems, pod designs, and thermodynamics and systems engineering. Hyperloop One’s new CEO Rob Lloyd (past Global President of Cisco) notes that passing this hurdle means they are well on their way to having a full-scale hyperloop to test by the end of the year — on a projected 2-mile track reaching full speeds of over 700 mph. Want the Hyperloop to come to your city? They have a contest if you are interested.

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Do you think hyperloop is a reality and a reality in the near future?

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