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Evidence-Based Business Model

Create, Test and Verify

At Harbor Capital Group, we have a different idea. We have put together a very comprehensive process, called “Connect” that fills that gap between innovation and market dominance. We call it “Connect” because it requires lots of person-to-person interfaces to get the real facts from your various audiences.

After identifying a startup with the right characteristics, we work with the startup through the entire process to research, create and develop the business. We can work as Co-founders. Advisors or as Coaches depending on the entrepreneur and what’s needed.

Following is a very quick, simple description of our“Connect” process. It starts with the entrepreneur and team understanding their mindsets (biases).  Many decisions will have to be made, with uncertain information, and it’s important to know one’s own beliefs and biases so one can be open to new information and make decisions that are right for the company rather than the person having to be right.

Then we help them develop a comprehensive business model which includes the basic elements of the business, and the outside forces and trends that affect the business. Once this has been thoroughly researched and crafted, a list of key assumptions is made, and the team goes into the field to talk with customers directly to test and validate the assumptions. Based on these results, changes are made and its back to the field again to test and validate the updated assumptions. This step, change and validate, is done until we get product-market fit. We also talk to investors during this process to get their overall perspectives and to make sure no surprises turn up at the last minute.

Now, the business model is validated, and a pathway to repeatable sales is established, and the startup is ready to begin scaling revenues and production.

If you have a startup that needs to get off the ground or have a company that has reached a sales plateau, send us an email and tell us how we can help.