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Scaling The Opportunity

Get ready to scale revenues and operations

Once we have verified the key assumptions in the business model, we help you prepare and begin to scale revenues and production.  This will take some time because no one knows you or trusts you yet. 

However, because you now have product-market-investor fit, and you know who your customers are and the market niche you are penetrating, you will be able to replicate your customers.

It is likely that a new marketing and sales team will be required. Because this is a startup business, the team will most likely be out of proportion, in numbers, compared to an ongoing business. This team will be responsible for reviewing your brand and developing your marketing and sales strategy.  The marketing strategy will most likely concentrate on a niche, then build a dominant position in that niche, and then attack a new niche. A niche does not mean a small market but a defined market and specific customers in an area you have an advantage.

At this point, a lot of effort will also have to go into creating the marketing and sales materials including advertising, direct mail, public relations and publicity, trade association participation, social media and much more. Plus inside and outside salespeople.

The operations side of the business will also have to be built or outsourced to deliver the product in quantities in sync with revenues. This includes both the people and the management systems required. For example, management systems like Objective Key Reports, algorithms to gather, analyze and display information for real-time decision making and more.

This process of scaling revenues and production may take time and financing to optimize, but the rewards are worth it.

If you have a startup that needs to get off the ground or have a company that has reached a sales plateau, send us an email and tell us how we can help.