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Our Experts


If you need a question answered, fill out the form below and we will send you the names of some people we think may be qualified to answer your question. You can then contact one or all of them to determine if one of them can help.

If you find someone you think can answer your question and you want to use them, you deal directly with them, including any payments.

Just remember, the more specific you are when you contact us, the higher the probability that we will be able to find the right person for you.

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We know it takes many experts to create and develop a successful business and that every skill one needs cannot be on staff. That is why we continually search for experts in every area of business and technology.

We are not an employment agency or recruiting firm. However, when we find an experts, we ask them if they:

  • Would be willing to answer a specific question from an entrepreneur about some aspect of his business or technology as long as it did not interfere with or compromise their company or employment?

  • Would they be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement if the company asked?

  • Would they be willing to give an estimate and be willing to bill by the hour?

If they were agreeable, we ask them for a short biography including some details on their special expertise. If they qualify, we then put them in “Our Experts” database.

If you are an expert in our focus areas of investments and would be interested in retainer opportunities, please contact us.

If you know of someone who has expertise in these areas, we would appreciate a referral.

Thank you for your consideration.

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