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Unbounded Robotics First Robot

Disrupting another disrupter.

Former employees of Willow Garage formed Unbounded Robotic and have developed a new robot with a more than 10 fold price reduction.  The just announced UBR-1 will be offered at $35,000, putting more squarely in the competitive mix.  Shipping is expected next summer.

Willow Garage is a company known mostly for its robotic hardware and open source software. Their most famous project has been the PR2 Robot. Although this was a highly advanced robot, the price and size of the bot was a little too much for most companies or manufacturers to invest in. Now a group of former employees for Willow Garage have come together to create a company of their own. It is called Unbounded Robotics and they have just announced their new robot, the UBR-1.

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