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Jim Zitek has been a speaker, presenter, instructor his entire working life. His topics help management gather, access, evaluate and use the information to find opportunities, solve problems and reduce uncertainty for better decision making.

He is a walk around, audience-focused speaker who relates to his audience. He is available for keynote speeches, breakout sessions, panels and as a facilitator for smaller, working group meetings. His Current Presentations are:

Mindsets, The Secrets To Good Decision Making

You are not making decisions the way you think you are. Your mindsets are driving your decision-making process. You must address these mindsets if you want to make the right decisions and make them more consistently.

This presentation explains what mindsets are and how they work. Then, illustrates, using real-world examples, specific mindsets and how they affect your decisions. For example, attendees will learn how to look at facts and which kinds are important, how to turn data into insights, how you can reduce risks by measuring intangibles, the right way to use options, how to leap over your competitors and make them irrelevant, and much more.

This presentation will make each attendee a better, more consistent, decision maker. It can be structured to fit your theme and time frame. Also, this presentation is not delivered as a lecture, but as a conversation.

How Startups Can Increase Their Chances Of Getting Funded

If you are a startup seeking funding, you know how hard it is and how much time it takes. The ability for startups to get funding drastically with the bubble in 2000. It is now less expensive to develop a startup, and it is now necessary for the startup to have an evidence-based business model and plan based on evidence, not just hypotheses.

This presentation goes through the steps required to develop an evidence-based business model and business plan, and how to get sustaining revenues. How to prepare presentations that sell (customers, investors, partners, etc.), and then scaling revenues and production toward your five-year proforma. The presentation can be a brief view from 30,000 feet or a more lengthy, detailed presentation depending on the needs of the audience,  the time available, and the amount of time you would like for questions.

How Investors Can Get Better Returns

Better returns are possible with either fewer failures or more than average, successful companies. Don't settle for average statistics. It doesn't have to be that way.

Starting with the right characteristics, add in today's lower cost technologies, a comprehensive business development process, better test and measurement options, an evidence-based business model, and the ability to develop pathways to sustainable revenues, and you have the ingredients for much better results.

This presentation discusses many ways you can reduce the uncertainties related to investments in startup and early-stage companies. The presentation can be a presentation or a discussion with a Q&A period.

Help! The New Is Driving Me Crazy.

Making bus9ness and personal decisions today is more difficult than ever because getting objective, reasoned information is difficult to obtain. One reason is that much of our information comes from the media and this information is often sensationalized, shallow, ideologically biased, often misleading and not relevant. Therefore, it is up to the reader/listener/viewer to untangle this information before using.

That is why this presentation is so valuable for anyone who has to make difficult decisions. It is based on many years of experience developing the Critical Thinking Skills needed to decipher real information from the hype. It uses simple English and real-world examples and illustrations to make each point crystal clear. At the same time, the presentation is punctuated with humor and passion so it feels more like entertainment than a learning experience.

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