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Jim Zitek has been a speaker, presenter, instructor his entire working life. His topics help management gather, access, evaluate and use the information to find opportunities, solve problems and reduce uncertainty for better decision making.

Jim is a walk around, audience-focused speaker who relates to his audience. He is available for keynote speeches, breakout sessions, panels and as a facilitator for smaller, working group meetings.

My Current Speeches are: 

How To Turn Startups Into Businesses

The goal of every entrepreneur is a successful business. But about 90 percent of startups fail within five years. Why? When failed startups revealed why they were not successful, they offered many reasons. But, If you boiled them all down to their basics, there were five primary reasons.

This presentation focuses on these five critical ingredients, what they are, why they are important, and how you can incorporate them into your plans. The five critical elements are an overall corporate strategy, an evidence-based business model, persuasive presentations, investor engagement and the importance of teams. All of these are required to turn a startup into a long-term sustainable business.

 Strategies That Create Or Re-Create Business Model Leadership

If you are a new company or an existing company battling your competitors with short-term marketing strategies that ultimately result in margin erosion, its time to revamp your corporate strategy.

This presentation breaks down strategy into easy to understand parts including defining and diagnosing the problem or opportunity, ways to gain leverage with your strategy, which policies you need to focus on, and which options you need to reject so you can create a cohesive strategy that achieves your long-term objective and leave your competitors defenseless.

 Help! The News Is Driving Me Crazy.

Making business and personal decisions today is more difficult than ever because getting objective, reasoned information is difficult to obtain. One reason is that much of our information comes from the media and this information is often sensationalized, shallow, ideologically biased, often misleading and not relevant. Therefore, it is up to the reader/listener/viewer to untangle this information before using.

That is why this presentation is so valuable for anyone who has to make difficult decisions. It is based on many years of experience developing the Critical Thinking Skills needed to decipher real information from the hype. It uses simple English and real-world examples and illustrations to make each point crystal clear. At the same time, the presentation is punctuated with humor and passion so it feels more like entertainment than a learning experience.


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