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Jim Zitek has been a speaker, presenter, instructor his entire working life. His topics help management gather, access, evaluate and use the information to find opportunities, solve problems and reduce uncertainty for better decision making.

Jim is a walk around, audience-focused speaker who relates to his audience. He is available for keynote speeches, breakout sessions, panels and as a facilitator for smaller, working group meetings. His Current Presentations are:

The Power Of Strategy: Market Dominance

Here is the information on my speech, “The Power Of Strategy: Market Dominance” and how to make your members insightful, effective strategists.

We see many presentations by companies who want to tell us about the opportunity they have and how they are going to build a business to capitalize on the solution they have or the opportunity they plan to exploit. When it comes time for questions, their “strategy” is merely a list of goals like a rolling five-year revenue picture or market segments they plan to capture.

What they don’t have is a strategy that will lead to market dominance. They don’t have:

  1. An in-depth diagnosis of the problem or opportunity and insights that sets their company apart from competitors,
  2. a policy that will guide the company in dealing with the obstacles and opportunities identified in the diagnosis. and
  3. a feasible, coherent plan identifying the resources and actions that will be taken to make that policy happen.

In addition to the discussion of strategy and how it leads to market dominance, this speech can also cover many other issues and skills required to create a viable strategy like decision making under stress and uncertainty, critical thinking skills, mindsets, insights and more.

After talking with you about your situation, problem or opportunity, we can customize the entire presentation to fit your needs and time schedule. The presentation (keynote or breakout session) will give your audience the information and tools they need to take care of the problem or exploit the opportunity and move their organization forward.

This presentation is not a lecture, it’s a lively discussion full of illustrations and examples. Your members will be happy they attended and will be talking about this presentation long after they get back home.

Also, if you would like a private session to share these strategy insights with your executive team, we can schedule a separate time for that as well.

Please call or email me for more information or to reserve a future date or to talk about customizing a program for your members or executives.

Mindsets, The Secret To Good Decision Making

Working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives and investors, we have learned how difficult it can be to make critical decisions, especially in times of uncertainty. To solve this problem, we created a seminar called, “Mindsets, The Secret To Better Decision Making” which helps decision makers better understand how their Mindsets (for example heuristics or cognitive tendencies) profoundly influence the decisions they make.

Decision makers who understand their mindsets and how they work will also understand why they make the decisions they do. This understanding also enables them to recognize potential errors in judgment, temper overconfidence, and many other insights that affect their decisions. As a result, they become consistently better decision makers.  

We can structure the presentation to meet your specific needs.  

We know major events take time and significant planning, so when it’s time to book a keynote or breakout session speaker or a panelist, I hope you will consider us. Your members will learn about themselves and how they approach decision making plus its information they can use immediately. They will also enjoy sharing these insights with others during the convention, and for days after they return home.

Also, if you would like a private session to share these decision-making insights with your executive team, we can schedule a separate time for that as well.

Please call or email me to reserve a future date or to talk about customizing a program for your members or executives.

How Startups Can Increase Their Chances Of Getting Funded

 This presentation, “How Startups Can Increase Their Chances Of Getting Funded” goes through the “Connect Process “ we have developed to take the entrepreneur from idea to sustainable revenues. It contains 29 detailed steps to get completely through the process and achieve product-market-investor fit.

This presentation gives the entrepreneur and the team an overview of the entire process. And be customized to fit specific needs. For example, it can be about just one aspect of developing the value proposition or customer validation or crafting effective presentations to customers, partners or investors.  

It gives the entrepreneur the basic information needed to develop the company and get it investment ready. Leave room for questions,

This presentation can be a Keynote, a breakout session talk or part of a panel discussion. It can be customized to fit your theme and the needs of your members and the time available.

Help! The News Is Driving Me Crazy.

Making business and personal decisions today is more difficult than ever because getting objective, reasoned information is difficult to obtain. One reason is that much of our information comes from the media and this information is often sensationalized, shallow, ideologically biased, often misleading and not relevant. Therefore, it is up to the reader/listener/viewer to untangle this information before using.

That is why this presentation is so valuable for anyone who has to make difficult decisions. It is based on many years of experience developing the Critical Thinking Skills needed to decipher real information from the hype. It uses simple English and real-world examples and illustrations to make each point crystal clear. At the same time, the presentation is punctuated with humor and passion so it feels more like entertainment than a learning experience.

For more information or availability questions, email me or go to contact page and let me know how I can help.