we think differently

Lowering uncertainty for investors

We think

success is market dominance

We think differently

for today's innovative startup companies

We think differently

startups need
product-market-investor fit

Helping new, disruptive technology companies develop and grow their ideas, products and services in today's volatile economy is what I love to do. My focus is on 3D Printing, Big Data and Robotics.

My many years of experience in everything from startups companies to growth companies to Fortune 500 companies include:

  • Investing in private and publicly traded companies,
  • Marketing and advertising strategy (for new and established companies),
  • Analyzing companies and markets (and teaching critical thinking skills),
  • Finding trends and opportunities others miss,
  • Analyzing the economy (from both a Keynesian and Austrian economics point of view), 
and determining the economic impact of government policy on businesses and consumers,
  • Helping companies manage through different business cycles, and
  • Speaking at public events.