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Can We Find and Train Enough Big Data Experts?

Pundits everywhere are talking about the growth of Big Data and the need for more Big Data Experts. One of things talked about is the need for more technology talent. McKinsey has used the  numbers of needing 400,000 “deep technology” experts and an additional one million IT workers with a high skill levels. But where do we get them and exactly what skills are going to be required. Most agree it will take education and industry to find and train these new “experts.” But what skills should we focus on? Here are a couple of ideas. See what you think.

In an article by Jim Goodnight, CEO and co-founder of the analytics firm SAS Institute in England identified the following skills that will be needed: "Data-related processes and methodologies, Data-related applications and frameworks,  IT processes and methodologies, IT application and language."

According to an article in Big-Data Startups,  they identified seven job skills they thought were important to the development of Big Data, including: "Chief Data Officer, Big Data Scientist, Big Data analyst, Big Data Visualizer, Big Data Manager, Big Data Solutions Architect, Big Data engineer, Big Data Researcher, and Big Data Consultant."

Here is another view. In an article by Jeff Bertolucci in Information Week talking about  building effective teams, he talked about a Blog Post from Blue Hill Research that identified a different approach to future Big Data skills needed. This article identified the  following skills as being required to put together a top notch team: "Data Evangelist, Contextual Analyst, Data Visualizer, Data Custodian and Neuro-Analyst.

It's a little confusing so how should one get started thinking about future needs.  Used the comments section below to tell us what you think. What kind of "experts" will be needed? Which skills will be required by startups and entrepreneurs, by small and medium sized companies, by large companies?  Do we even know enough at this point to define a list of future skills needed?  What skills are missing? Which skills are the most critical?



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