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GM Sees Big Data in Smart Car Future

As auto makers show their ideas for the future of driving, we are seeing the convergence of mobile communication, on-board sensing, and situational sensing.  Last month, General Motors explained their vision for big data in the future Smart Car.

In addition to increasing powerful sensor technology, they are developing an on board 4G communication network (On-Star could become Super_Nova) to interact with other vehicle, the local roadway and surrounding community.  And to create a driver adaptive learning experience, they will rely on big data tools to handle the volume and variety of new information in the cloud.

The car of the future is going to drive itself, brake itself, park itself (more or less) — and be part of a worldwide communications system that will be based on 4G; it will gather and communicate data, that will be used to offer a Facebook-style personalised experience to drivers.

A typical driving scenario would have a self-driving car stop automatically at a red traffic light, or stay within the speed limit. Video cameras would alert a driver if they are too close to the vehicle in front of them, while cameras and sensors could determine the ideal distance between vehicles and take over the work of driving, with the driver taking over in order to make a turn, exit an expressway, etc. Apps could let drivers communicate with others on the road, and get information about traffic conditions, nearby services and places of interest, and more. Vehicles will even be able to direct drivers to parallel park more successfully, using sensors that indicate which direction to turn the wheel, how far to turn it, when to reverse, and so on.

Much of the development work is taking place at GM's Advanced Technology Center in Herzliya, Israel in conjunction with the R&D facility in Silicon Valley.

One concept demonstrator is the EN-V (electric networked vehicle) based on Segway technology. Video 2:59

GM intends to develop their own mass of driver behavior and preferences and apply this understanding to the design and development process.

Aspects of this design trend are expected to appear in GM models within the next five years.

Are you able to wait?

Israel Develops Technology Behind GMs Smart Car

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