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How Should Disruptive Technology Help Large Companies?


A recent article in the “economia” magazine emphasized some key points about disruptive technology, the Internet and large corporations. The point of the article was that large corporations should not think about disruptive technology as some new invention but about how to use and adopt disruptive technologies to improve their processes (production, marketing, quality, etc.)

So should the focus for large businesses be on developing or creating disruptive technology or the adoption of the disruptive technology that already exists. We say both are critically important. Here, according to the author, are some of the key points that people need to consider when they are examining their business strategy today.

  1. Corporations should not be focused on disruptive technology. That occurred in 1971 with the invention of microprocessors. Today, that technology enables digital entrepreneurs to disrupt the company and the economy. So the focus, for large companies today, should be on how to deploy technology.
  2. This technology allows companies to expose, sell and service their products and services world wide through the Internet. They no longer limited by geography.
  3. Individuals and small companies already successful in the field of digital technology can now get the attention of large companies who have the resources to buy or engage with these entrepreneurial companies.
  4. Investments by large companies would not only benefit the company and digital entrepreneurs but our entire economic system.

Disruptive technology is what Harbor Capital Group is all about. We are provide the services that meet the needs of both entrepreneurs and investors. We have introduced a new venture capital model that helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into companies; and the investors in these companies improve their ROI. We also agree that these disruptive companies are an important way for large companies to maintain or grow their share of market. Technology, not government, is also the way we are going to get our economy growing again.

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