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Innovative Batteries That Could Last Weeks, Rather Than Hours

Battery life for mobile devices has dramatically improved with countless innovations over the years (including a big reduction in cost) but our need for energy seems to be insatiable -- countless innovations have changed apps as well: more apps, bigger apps, more complex apps and much higher power requirements.

Now, a Harvard  student, Eesha Khare, has developed a small, "super battery" (called a Super Capacitor Energy Storage Device) capable of storing dramatically more energy and recharging a mobile device much quicker. In fact, she doesn't want to sell her technology until she can charge a mobile device in less than a minute. I can't wait!

This new technology uses nanotechnology to charge a mobile device quickly and hold that energy energy for a much longer period of time. It is manufctured from carbon fiber and metal oxides.

You can get the Original web page at Why smartphone batteries could soon last weeks, not hours - SmartPlanet

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