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Every entrepreneur knows its difficult to get a startup off the ground and get it funded. We've all heard many of the reasons many startups fail. Here are a few:  no product fit, solution not important enough to the customer, trying to scale to quickly, fell in love with the solution rather than the customer, assumptions didn't turn out as expected, ran out of money, not able to raise funds.

While all of these are true, the main reason startups are not able to raise funds, and about 90 percent are unable to raise funds, is because they didn't have an evidence-based business model and a pathway to revenues. In other words, they were not investment ready.

They did not have the evidence to show investors that their business model could deliver repeatable, profitable, scalable revenues. They had a business model and business plan based on untested, unverified assumptions.

The Dot.Com Bust Changed The Landscape

Ever since the bust, the development, and funding of startups have changed. The old startup model which treated a startup like an operating company no longer works. Steve Blank (entrepreneur and professor) described a startup as an organization looking for sustainable revenues. Once sustainable revenues are achieved, the startup becomes a business in which strategies and tactics become more projectable.

This change in attitude has changed almost every aspect of creating and developing a startup. Here are a few examples: from the model (pipe, platform, eCommerce) to product development (minimal viable product). to customer discovery (think Adwords and landing pages), to sales development (think inbound, outbound and direct). It has also changed revenues (from linear to exponential), and management (from assets to profits, algorithms, and staff-on-demand), plus more.

Harbor Capital Group is committed to helping entrepreneurs become more successful. We have a long-term approach and our "Connect" process that leads the entrepreneur through a rigorous, development process from learning how to understand mindsets and how they affect decision-making to development of an evidence-based business model to ramping up revenues.

Here is how we can help

If you have a great idea and need help to get to an evidence-based business and sustainable sales, we can become involved with your company as a partner or co-founder and work with you day-by-day until you are on the road to success.

If you don't need that much help and you just need some coaching along the way, we can also help you through the entire process on a paid hourly basis.

Either way, you end up with a better business model and a clear path to success.

If you would like more information, send us some information on your startup and let us know how we can help.



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