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Most people would agree that much of America’s success depends on the success of its Entrepreneurs. However, the environment for  obtaining venture capital for Entrepreneurs has become very difficult. Capital is difficult to get and expensive, regulations are burdensome, and Entrepreneur’s freedom to develop their companies according to their vision has become hampered by big money investors who want to micromanage the enterprise.

Harbor Capital Group was created to alleviate these kinds of problems and to help startup and early growth companies become more successful. To do so, we had to change the way venture capital works.

A new, More Founder Friendly Model

We have created a new, venture capital model that is more responsive to Entrepreneurs’ needs because their success is the only way we can be successful.  We understand the unique needs of emerging technology companies and the commitment and passion it takes to be successful.  Our model not only provides the capital needed but the freedom to develop the founder’s vision.  Plus, we are able to do it less expensively which means more equity for the founders.

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First, our model works for small startup and early growth companies. We are not forced into large investments, often more than the company needs, in order to get large chunks of equity or to make sure the exit dollars will make the national press. At the same time, we recognize that some companies do need large investments based on the nature scope of their vision.  However, we believe you start by being focused on the tasks and milestones that lead to success and be prepared to scale quickly.

Second, we believe no one has more insight and passion than the founder (think Steve Jobs or Alan Shugart or Richard Branson or Henry Ford rather than the wisdom of the venture capital Board Member.) The venture capital firm should not get in the way of the founder’s vision. They should be there to assist the company, to answer questions or to make a suggestion but not to micromanage the development of the company.

Third, we believe we should be partners with our founders. We should be focused on the success of the company; and be rewarded for success not on investor fees and guaranteed salaries if things don’t work out as planned.

These are not the only changes we’ve made, but we think you will agree that we have made venture capital work the way it was meant to work.

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We focus on your success. We understand that we succeed only when you succeed. That means providing the funding you need for your development stage, in a reasonable time frame, and giving you the freedom to pursue your vision without interference from us. If you need advice, all you have to do is ask, we have hundreds of specialists who will consult with you to get the answers you need.

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